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Morgan EV3
25Jul, 2016

Morgan EV3 Selfridges
By Jimmy Cox | Car News | 0 Comments

The quirky yet elegant Morgan EV3 built in collaboration with department store Selfridges has just gone on sale in the UK. When thinking of elegant luxury vehicles, we don’t normally associate them with department stores. That’s all about to change, as the new Morgan EV3 limited-edition three-wheeler was built by Morgan in collaboration with Selfridges…

Top Gear
22Jul, 2016

Mat LeBlanc as host of Top Gear
By Jimmy Cox | Car News | 0 Comments

Top Gear to return for season 24 with Mat LeBlanc as host There’s no denying that the recent revival of Top Gear has been a topic of debates for months now. Whilst some appreciated the new approach towards the series, many were dissatisfied with the new hosts, with Chris Evans in particular receiving a lot…

Bentley Bentayga Fly Fishing Edition
21Jul, 2016

Bentley Bentayga Fly Fishing
By Jimmy Cox | Car News | 0 Comments

Bentley Bentayga Fly Fishing Edition If you’re a fan of fly fishing and luxury vehicles, you’re in luck, as Bentley has just revealed a special fly fishing set designed to fit the Bentayga. We’ve seen a great number of crazy concept appear on the market over the years. Whilst, most were showcased in the form…

Porsche Vision GT concept
19Jul, 2016

Porsche Vision GT concept
By Jimmy Cox | Car News | 0 Comments

Fan-designed Porsche Vision GT concept revealed An unofficial rendering of the Porsche Vision GT concept has been revealed, and what makes it special is the fact that it was entirely designed by Porsche enthusiasts. Although we’re used to seeing concept cars, they are usually the work of experienced teams of designers and engineers and are…

Mazda 3
15Jul, 2016

Facelifted Mazda 3 unveiled
By David Poe | Dealer News | 0 Comments

The veil has finally been lifted off the face-lifted Mazda 3, which has launched in Canada and Japan. Fans of Mazda will be pleased to know that we finally got a glimpse at the new Mazda 3. Although, it’s not scheduled to go on sale in the UK until later this year, the Canadian and…

Luxury golf cart by Mercedes
14Jul, 2016

Luxury golf cart by Mercedes
By Craig Parker | Car News | 0 Comments

Mercedes-Benz Style Edition Garia luxury golf cart revealed Just when you thought luxury has reached every corner of the automotive industry, Mercedes-Benz reveals its latest project – a luxury golf cart built in collaboration with cart-maker Garia. There’s no denying that humans are drawn to luxury. As consumers we’re conditioned to see expensive and exclusive…

2016 Toyota GT86 Facelift
12Jul, 2016

2016 Toyota GT86 Facelift Unveiled
By Henry Anayo | Dealer News | 0 Comments

2016 Toyota GT86 Facelift Toyota has just released details about the upcoming 2016 Toyota GT86 Facelift, which made its official debut at the 2016 New York Motor Show earlier this year. If you’re a fan of sports cars, then you are probably already aware of the GT86. The high-performance version of the 86, is quite…

Toyota Yaris Orange
11Jul, 2016

Toyota Yaris Orange Edition Revealed
By Henry Anayo | Dealer News | 0 Comments

Toyota Yaris Orange If orange is your favourite colour you’re in luck, as Toyota has just revealed the new Toyota Yaris Orange Edition, available to buy now. Producing a vehicle that stands out, is a difficult task these days. The automotive industry has been going strong for quite some time, and we’ve seen it all…

Ferrari LaFerrari Spider
11Jul, 2016

Ferrari LaFerrari Spider Revealed
By Henry Anayo | Dealer News | 0 Comments

Ferrari LaFerrari Spider The time we have all been waiting for is finally here – the new Ferrari LaFerrari Spider has just been revealed. That’s right, the vehicle that has been surrounded by mystery, ever since it has emerged that it was going to enter production, is officially confirmed, and we even have some pictures….

electric supercar
10Jul, 2016

Pininfarina to launch new electric supercar
By Henry Anayo | Dealer News | 0 Comments

Pininfarina Electric Supercar – To Be Lunched Soon Could Tesla soon have a rival? Well, according to reports Mahindra-owned Pininfarina is preparing to launch a new Pininfarina electric supercar in the near future. Although, Tesla remains at the forefront of the electric car revolution, due to the market’s recent rise in popularity, we’re seeing more…

tesla crash
09Jul, 2016

Tesla Model S Crash
By Henry Anayo | Dealer News | 0 Comments

Autonomous tech under scrutiny following Tesla Model S crash Tesla Model S Crash: A driver has been killed following an accident involving a Tesla Model S in autopilot mode. Fans of autonomous cars are defending the technology, following the tragic death of a man, behind the wheel of a Tesla Model S in autopilot mode….

Toyota C-HR: New
08Jul, 2016

Toyota C-HR: New car’s Interior Revealed
By Henry Anayo | Dealer News | 0 Comments

Toyota C-HR: Interior Revealed Toyota has just previewed the interior of the upcoming Toyota C-HR to give customers an idea of what the car looks like before its official debut. Although, we’ve seen glimpses of the C-HR, it wasn’t until today that we got to learn more about Toyota’s new vehicle. The crossover, expected to…