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Is Google planning to conquer the automotive world?

Google has just revealed its new in-car Android system called Android N, and if the brand succeeds in this new venture, it could feature in your next car. The American giant is a brand we’re all familiar with, having transformed the way we browse the internet back in the 1990’s. It’s a household name and…

Volvo 40.2

Volvo 40.2 concept

Volvo 40.2: new electric concept revealed Great news for all the Volvo fans out there as the brand has just unveiled its latest concept at an event in Gothenburg. Renowned for the safety of its vehicles, the brand has brought out numerous concepts throughout the years, however the new Volvo 40.2 could be the best one…

2016 Toyota Hilux pick-up

2016 Toyota Hilux

2016 Toyota Hilux pick-up – Full UK details revealed It’s fantastic news for all you pick-up fans out there as the all-new 2016 Toyota Hilux is coming to the UK in July. The best-selling European pick-up truck will finally be available in the UK. With prices starting at around £19k, the Hilux will likely appeal to…

Global NCAP: How safe are Indian cars

Global NCAP: How safe are Indian cars?

Global NCAP has just released the results of numerous crash tests for cars from the Indian market. Unsparingly, it’s not great news. India is renowned for having one of the world’s highest rates of road deaths. Not only are the country’s roads a problem but there’s also a lack of regulations and safety measures. The…

Mitsubishi Scandal

Mitsubishi Scandal: Nissan invests

Nissan invests £1.5 billion after Mitsubishi scandal As news of the Mitsubishi scandal made headlines, the Japanese carmaker was forced to temporarily cease production of some of its models whilst the authorities investigated the matter further. The last few weeks have been quite hard for Mitsubishi. If you haven’t been following the scandal, here’s a quick recap….


Friday the 13th – Best Cars in Horror Films

It’s Friday the 13th and to celebrate we’ve decided to embrace the dark side and take a look at some of the best cars featured in horror films. From the early days of cinema, cars have played an important role in films. Whether created specifically for the film, modified or used in their original form,…

Nikola Motors

Nikola Motors: Tesla of trucks

Nikola Motors wants to be Tesla of trucks, announcing Nikola One lorry. A new start-up called Nikola Motors has just revealed its plans to become the Tesla of trucks. The brands newly-unveiled lorry, the Nikola One, has a range of 1,200 miles and 2000hp, making a truly unique beast of a vehicle. In the recent years,…

Best driving tips for summer

Best driving tips for summer

For many, summer is the most pleasant part of the year. It’s when we go on holidays and take a break from the stressfulness and madness of modern life. Although driving conditions are much better in the summer than they are in the winter, there are still many different factors that need to be considered…


Riversimple new hydrogen-fuelled vehicles

Welsh manufacturer Riversimple has just announced that it is developing two new hydrogen-fuelled vehicles. According to a statement released by the carmaker, a new light commercial vehicle and a four-seater saloon could soon become a part of the brand’s line-up alongside the critically acclaimed Rasa. Pictures released with the statement show off the brand’s ideas…


Gone but not forgotten: Discontinued cars that should make a comeback

As much as we would love for every car to remain in production for eternity, this simply isn’t an option. Car’s get discontinued on a regular basis, however that doesn’t mean they all deserve to go.  There are many different reasons why a vehicle might be discontinued. Whether it’s poor sales or a disappointing response,…


Kodiaq name confirmed by Skoda for new SUV

Ever since Skoda unveiled its Vision S concept at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show back in March, people have been speculating about the name of the brands upcoming SUV. Several possibilities emerged, however it the brand remained silent, choosing to keep the name a secret – until now. Today, it has been confirmed that the…


Strangest Car Names: Part 2

A couple of weeks back we took a look at some of the strangest car names of all time. We discovered some gems that, like a child with an unusual name, have to exist knowing their creators have not given them a chance to have a normal existence. Unlike humans however, vehicles cannot fill out…