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29 May, 2016


Skoda Atero

Skoda Atero

Skoda Atero: Concept designed by apprentices revealed

Skoda has just revealed its latest concept. Called the Skoda Atero, the vehicle is very special – why, you might ask? Well, because it was entirely designed by the brand’s apprentices.

That’s right, Skoda’s students all took part in a competition, designed to find the brand’s next concept. Out of over 90 entries, the Atero was born, resulting in the concept being produced.

It’s always great to see carmakers involving ordinary people when it comes to concepts. Many brands have done it in the past, yet it’s still exciting to see how other people envision vehicles should look like.

Getting a fresh perspective on something is always great, and it has the potential of giving a brand some new ideas; ones they wouldn’t have necessarily though of themselves.

The Atero is a two-door coupe with a spacious boot. According to reports, over 1700 hours went into the creation of the car and it definitely shows.

Although it isn’t likely going to win any design awards anytime soon, the car looks pretty fresh and offers a different look at the familiar Skoda Rapid.

One thing that stands out the most, is the car’s modern aesthetic. It feels fresh and young, which would likely appeal to younger buyers.

Carmakers are always on the lookout for things that would appeal to the next generation of drivers, and to be quite honest – the Atero could be it.

It’s bold. It’s hip. It’s young. It just feels very creative or rather unique, for the lack of a better word. There’s a fun quality that surrounds it, one that is always good for a car to have.

Although the vehicle definitely isn’t going into production, the brand trademarked its name, suggesting it could be planning to reuse it at some point in the future.

Has the Atero gone into production, we recon it would do quite well, especially with younger buyers and fans of cars sporting a modern aesthetic.

How do you feel about the new Skoda Atero concept? Would you purchase the car if a production version was made available at some point down the line? Let us know.

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