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TrustedCarBuyers.com is the UK's fastest growing car buying service

Here at trustedcarbuyers.com, our branches are placed inside the premises of existing car dealers based all over the UK. The benefit for you is that we are vastly accessible and offer a personal service from a bonafide trade professional, all of whom carry the Trusted Car Buyers seal of approval.


Our service offers the following benefits:


No Admin Fees

Instant Online Offer


Instant Payment Option

Cleard funds that day, jump the payment queue for just £49.99

Big Brand Discount

Enjoy hundreds of discounts at top online retailers, from fashion to flowers, groceries to restaurants, computers to jewellery


The Trusted Car Buyers team has developed an online car buying platform, fine-tuning it over the last four years. With our extensive network of contacts, we are able to get the very best price for your vehicle -- especially since our network want your vehicle for resale, and not a quick trade profit.


Our 5 points of trust

  • All our trusted buyers have a retail forecout and are buying to replenish stock not earn a trade profit
  • We use a certified appraisal process and only deduct damage at trade prices
  • We will not charge admin fees
  • We will pay you on the same day and usually within 2 hours if you choose our instant payment service.
  • We won't mess you about: if we agree a price verbally or by confirming an appointment, we will pay that price, as long as the vehicle is as described
We also have a dedicated technical team who make sure our systems and technology are at the forefront of the online car buying arena.