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Our mission statement


Here at, we have one mission: to give 300 dealers the opportunity to enter the online car buying industry.

The platform we run on has been developed over the last four years at a combined cost of over £750,000.

Our vision is big, but so is our drive: we aim to give 300 lucky dealers the Trusted Car Buyers stamp of approval. This will make us the largest and most accessible public car buyer in the UK.

We believe that being accessible is key in this industry, as customers do not want to travel far, in case they don't get the price they were expecting.

Our initial phase is to roll-out 100 dealers that will look to buy almost anything. Once we have good general coverage, we will take onboard dealers who just want to buy specific brands.


Would you like to become a Trusted Car Buyer?

We only bring onboard select businesses to join the Trusted Car Buyers network. Those which meet are requirements.

If you can answer 'yes' to the following statements, then read on. And, if not, then we are sorry to say that this business model probably won't be for you.

Now, here's what we're looking for:

  • A current dealership or forecourt
  • Motivated individuals
  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills

Join the network and save time, energy and money


Trusted Car Buyers encapsulates the essence of what sellers need, whilst in return, ensuring healthy ROI for our partners.

We know that you have all bought stock at auction from other online car buyers marketed under a different brand.

The UK's largest online car buyer puts 100,000 cars per year through this channel.

So, we ask you: 'Why not have your own online car buying portal and buy the cars you want -- without the massive set-up and ongoing cost involved in this business?'

We only have 300 opportunities across the UK. And whilst there are around 15,000 dealers nationwide, you can see places are very limited. Don't miss out.


So, how does it work?


It's really simple. First off, you subscribe to the Trusted Car Buyers platform for a minimum 6-month period -- but don't worry, it costs next to nothing to get started.

We supply you with a dealer pack and a display package for your showroom window. This shows customers that you are part of the recognisable and respected Trusted Car Buyers family.

Next, you choose an off-the-shelf marketing package to get instant leads for sellers in your area. Our packages are bespokely tailored towards the type of stock that you want to buy.

The key benefit to a Trusted Car Buyers dealer is that they get access to vehicles in their local area, as well as those offered throughout the UK.

This is all included within the subscription to our unique trade portal. Here, you will receive access to full vehicle data and then the capability to purchase vehicles at trade prices -- without the normal hassle that sourcing stock usually involves.

The whole online system has been designed to ensure that it is 90% automated and is as seamless as possible.

Not only that, but each and every aspect of the business can be analysed with our full reporting suite, making it easy to measure and track your success.

Forget spending hours sourcing stock, trawling through online sites or visiting physical auctions. Simply let the cars come to you: buy at a trade price and a price the customer is happy with too.

If you're interested and would like more information on becoming a Trusted Car Buyer, please fill-in the form below and we will be in touch.