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Autodrive Initiative
28Oct, 2016

£20m Autodrive Initiative
By Jimmy Cox | Car News | 0 Comments

£20m Autodrive Initiative Results in New Tech from Tata, Ford and JLR Jaguar Land Rover, Ford and Tata are all scheduled to showcase their new driverless technologies, developed as part of the government’s £20m Autodrive Initiative. Although many are probably becoming overwhelmed by the amount of information about driverless technologies in the media lately, it’s…

21Oct, 2016

Volkswagen Forced to Cut Costs by £3.3 Billion
By Jimmy Cox | Car News | 0 Comments

It has just been revealed that Volkswagen is forced to cut costs by £3.3 Billion to cover the expenses caused by last year’s Dieselgate scandal. Although it’s been over a year since Dieselgate first made news, the lasting effects of the scandal can still be witnessed today. Not only is Volkswagen being pressured by governments…

toyota logo
14Oct, 2016

Toyota and Suzuki to Team up
By Jimmy Cox | Car News | 0 Comments

It has just been announced that two of the biggest Japanese manufacturers Toyota and Suzuki are planning to team up to rival European giants. Although Japan has come a long way when it comes to car making, the country’s brands have never truly made it big on European markets. We are familiar with the likes…

3D printed electric car
07Oct, 2016

3D printed electric car by Honda
By Jimmy Cox | Car News | 0 Comments

Honda Collaborates with Kabuku on 3D printed electric car Honda has just revealed the result of a collaboration with tech company Kabuku; a 3D printed electric car. Technology has certainly come a long way over the years. As advancements are made, new possibilities emerge for carmakers to explore. Although 3D printers have been around for…

Tesla Model S
07Oct, 2016

Tesla Model S Security Update
By Jimmy Cox | Car News | 0 Comments

Tesla Model S Security Update in Wake of Chinese Hacking Scandal Tesla has just rolled out a new Model S security update, following the announcement that a group of Chinese hackers were able to control a moving Model S. The issue of security has been a hot topic recently, with more manufactures taking advantage of…

electric supermini
03Oct, 2016

Nissan to produce new electric supermini
By Jimmy Cox | Car News | 0 Comments

It has just been revealed that Nissan is planning to build a new all-electric supermini to expand its current electric range. Nissan is no stranger to electric cars, having produced one of the most successful EV’s currently on the market, the Nissan Leaf. It’s no surprise therefore that the brand is thinking about expanding its…

Seat Mii
26Sep, 2016

SEAT Mii aimed at women revealed
By Jimmy Cox | Car News | 0 Comments

Cosmopolitan-designed SEAT Mii aimed at women revealed New Seat Mii has been revealed at the London Fashion Week. Designed by Cosmopolitan, the vehicle is aimed at women. With more female drivers currently on our roads than ever before, it’s no wonder manufactures are beginning to pay more attention to their needs. We are seeing more…

BMW M4 Coupe
22Sep, 2016

Updated BMW M4 Coupe
By Jimmy Cox | Car News | 0 Comments

The new and updated BMW M4 Coupe is scheduled to debut in a little while, but we just got a glimpse the car in its disguised form. New pictures of the BMW M4 have been taken as it was secretly being tested on the roads in light camouflage. The BMW M4 will continue to be…

Lexus UX Concept
12Sep, 2016

Lexus previews UX concept
By Jimmy Cox | Car News / Concept Cars | 1 Comments

Lexus Previews UX Concept Ahead of Debut Japanese luxury carmaker Lexus has just previewed the upcoming UX concept, scheduled to debut at the Paris Motor Show later this month. If you’re a fan of luxury, the odds are you are familiar with Lexus and its vehicles. The brand has made a name for itself in…

Self-driving taxis
26Aug, 2016

Self-driving taxis trials begin in Singapore
By Jimmy Cox | Car News | 1 Comments

It has just been revealed that the world’s first fleet of self-driving taxis have taken to street of Singapore. If you have been following the new lately then you are already familiar with the recent autonomous car trend that seems to be taking over the planet. Manufacturers are in a race to introduce the world’s…

Mercedes trademarks “EQ"
12Aug, 2016

Mercedes trademarks “EQ” name for EV range
By Henry Anayo | Dealer News | 1 Comments

Mercedes trademarks “EQ” Following the announcement that Mercedes will launch a new sub-brand for the upcoming electric car range(Mercedes trademarks EQ), it has emerged that the brand has trademarked “EQ” as the name for the brand. Does Tesla have a new rival on the horizon? Yes, and it comes in the form of the new…

Tesla losses £220m
08Aug, 2016

Tesla: Brand reports losses of £220m
By Henry Anayo | Dealer News | 0 Comments

Tesla losses £220m At Trusted Car Buyers we would want to talk about how Tesla losses £220m: It has just been revealed that electric car manufacturer Tesla has experienced losses of £220 million in the second quarter of 2016. Tesla is arguably one of the hottest carmakers currently on the planet. The brand accomplished quite a…