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15 Nov, 2018


Aston Martin’s New Test Base – Silverstone!

Aston Martin’s New Test Base – Silverstone!

Aston Martin sets up a new Stowe Circuit development facility to open later in the year.

Aston Martin New Test Base At Silverstone

Well then, Aston Martin has started setting up their new vehicle test facility at Silverstone. The facility fully opens in December next month. The new development base will be housed within a pit area on the circuit complex. This will give Aston the private access to the small 0.8 miles Stowe circuit located within Silverstone’s main track.

Aston Martin’s ride and handling development will still take place out on the UK roads. Although with private access to the Silverstone circuit will mean that Aston will no longer need to travel to any European test tracks to undertake any high-speed tests.

Aston Martin

One of Aston Martins Chief engineers explains that ‘Silverstone is a fantastic place to practice the dark arts of vehicle dynamics’ While also further explaining how ‘the fine-tuning that takes place to turn a good car into a great car’ This is so useful for Aston Martin providing their highly talented team of engineers with a racing circuit right outside the door.

This new test base that they are facilitating is a new part of Aston Martins business strategy. An announcement also detailed a new London-based office and a plan for another manufacturing facility which will focus on building the DBX from the next year.

The new facility at Silverstone will be where Aston Martins next wave of new cars will be finished and perfected. This including the new DBX SUV,  Rapide E and any future mid-engined sports cars. These will all be put through hard testing at the circuit before they go on sale.

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