Mechanics – Car Selling Quick Tips

There are a number of car mechanics-related problems we encounter when customers come to sell their cars. Being aware of these issues will help make you more confident in your estimations of your car’s value.

From ticks to knocks, leaks to locks, all cars usually experience some sort of mechanical issue sooner or later. The make, model, mileage and age of the car will play a factor here. But having a quick glance at our mechanical checklist will make sure you get the most accurate offer.

We are prepared to buy any car, provided you give us a correct reflection of your vehicle. To ensure a fair and quick sale of your car, use our DIY car mechanics checklist to guide you through the most common issues, before evaluating it on our site.


You know your car may have a tracking problem when it pulls or drifts to the left or right. Perhaps you’ve even noticed there’s too much play in the steering. It could be as a result hitting a deep pot hole or ramping over that speed bump a little too fast.

Whatever the cause, you should check your tyres to eliminate them as a cause for any steering issues, examine the front-end and then road test your car.

For more information on diagnosing your car tracking problem, take a look at this Wikihow post.

Wheel bearings

Wheel bearings help cushion the contact between wheel and spindle, ensuring it turns freely. Though, after thousands of miles of wear, the grease which connects the two picks up dust, dirt and other metallic particle – despite the bearings being somewhat protected by the hub and brake disc.

As a result, your cars’ steering may wander or pull to one side when braking. Though, the most common symptoms associated with wheel bearing problems are funny noises: ticks, knocks, squeaks and chirps.

For more detailed information on wheel bearings and how to check them for wear without removing the wheels, you might like to read this extra guide.

Oil leaks

When you think oil leaks, you often think of calling up the car mechanics. But fortunately for you, most of the splodges dripping from your car are minor and easy to fix. On the other hand, in a small amount of cases, an oil leak could be a sign of a serious mechanical problem relating to the car’s engine.

You can check for leaking oil yourself before valuing your car with our free online valuation service.

Engine lights

The dreaded engine light: a car owner’s worst nightmare. It can pop up out of nowhere and without warning . Don’t fret. We can help you to diagnose the problems yourself before any trip to the car mechanics.

Sometimes you can fix engine light problems yourself, so we recommend a peek at this lifehack.

Car mechanics: Summary

Satisfied you know the condition of your car mechanics? Fixed any serious issues? We want to hear from you. Enter your car registration number above, then drive your way through our free instant online valuation tool for the best possible price for your car.

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