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06 Nov, 2018


How To Change A Tyre

How To Change A Tyre

Experiencing a tyre blowout can be quite a shock. Ensure that you are in a safe place and a calm state before following any advice or instructions on how to change a tyre.

Before you begin

Out on the roads knowing how to change a tire is a necessary skill for all drivers. Relying on a cell phone to save you in a roadside emergency, there is always the chance of the phone being out of charge, range or worse leaving it at home! However, flat tyres can happen anywhere, and a cell phone is no substitute for knowing how to change a flat tyre.

The good news is a spare wheel is the most reliable way to get yourself back on the road. Your car with either come with a narrow space saver or a full-size spare. Still the process of how to change a tyre is the same.

How To Change A Tyre

What tools do I need?

Apart from the original spare wheel, you will need the following:

  1. Jack – for lifting the car off the ground
  2. Wrench – for removing the nuts off the wheel
  3. Car handbook – for reference, any jacking points
  4. Wheel chock/bricks – to stop the car rolling away when jacked up
  5. Wheel nut key – if any locking nuts are fitted

Other useful items to carry:

  • Torch – for working in the evening, where it could be difficult to see
  • Gloves – Wheels can be dirty
  • Tyre pressure gauge – for checking the new tyre is inflated correctly
  • Reflective jacket – to make you visible for other drivers
  • A short plank of wood – can be used as a flat surface to steady the jack
  • Warning triangle – to alert other drivers of a hazard

How To Change A Tyre

How To Change The Tyre

1. Preparing the vehicle

Apply the handbrake and ensure all the passengers are out from the car. Take the spare wheel and the necessary tools out of the boot.

2.Position the wheel chock/bricks 

These are crucial when working on your car. Chocks prevent the vehicle from rolling while jacked up. Position the chock on the opposite wheel to the one with a puncture.

3.Loosen the nuts on the wheel

This is a lot easier and safer to do while the car is on the ground. You may need to pull the plastic wheel trim off first. Turn the wheel nuts anti-clockwise and loosen to the point when you can turn them by hand. Although don’t remove them just yet.

4. Jack the car off the ground

Check your handbook for the right jacking points. All vehicles have dedicated spots. Aim to position the jack at the side of the car close to the punctured wheel. Place the small plank of wood under the jack to help keep it stable. Raise the vehicle slowly until the flat tyre is around 10-15cm up off the ground.

5. Take the flat tyre off

Remove the wheel nuts off, then slowly and gently pull the tyre towards you until it comes free. Place flat on the ground.

How To Change A Tyre


6. Attach the spare wheel

Slide the spare wheel onto the protruding hub bolts, line it up correctly with the wheel nut slots. Replace the wheel and tighten up the nuts by hand.

7. Lower the car to the ground & tighten the bolts

Use the jack to lower the vehicle down slightly, so that the tyre is touching the ground. Once on the ground fully tighten up the wheel nuts.

8. Entirely Lower & Remove the jack

Lower the car all the way down to the earth then remove the jack carefully. Give a quick tighten check on the wheel nuts. Put all the items back inside the boot.

9. Check the tyre pressure

If you have the appropriate tool use a tyre pressure gauge to check the spare wheel is inflated fully. If not, drive carefully to a petrol station and use the indicator there.

10. Take your tyre for repair

Take your punctured tyre to a local tyre fitter or garage. They will advise you to repair or replace it. Don’t drive on space saver wheel for longer than needed, they are only intended for emergencies.



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