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12 Oct, 2018


Overfinch Range Rover Sport – More Luxury, More Noise!

Overfinch Range Rover Sport – More Luxury, More Noise!

Well, Overfinch has done what Overfinch does. Added more luxury and more noise to what already is a superior vehicle, the Overfinch Range Rover Sport. With the New interior, exterior and exhaust enhancements.

Overfinch Range Rover Sport

The range rover specialists Overfinch has announced its latest package of enhancements. Focusing more on exterior styling, interior trim and exhaust system. Although no performance improvements are included.

Which is a little shame as Overfinch built their reputation on improving performance and handling of the standard Range Rovers.  Moreover, It seems they are focusing their efforts elsewhere as Land Rovers products are now a lot more accomplished on the road. Granted, the company was known for placing Corvette engines under their clamshell bonnets. While also thoroughly cutting body roll.

The latest enhancements and changes to the exterior are more subtle than the efforts of most range rover customisers. Yet, this still adds aggression to the stylish sports shape. The additional option includes a rear spoiler, front and rear air dam, side vents, and a new grille. These all formed in carbon fibre rather than the usual plastic.

Stepping inside and the attention has been turned to the seats, two distinctive styles of leather retrim offered. One is modern hexagonal stitch and the other diamond quilted design, both trimmed by hand. Contrast stitching is available, and of course, customers will have a reasonably free option when it comes to colour combinations.

A wide range of substantial alloy wheels is offered, from sizeable 21-inch up to 23! Enormous wheels. Even the Overfinch exterior lettering can also be customised. They offer black and rose gold, but also bespoke with inlays of the customers choice.

Overfinch Range Rover Sport is not the only Range Rover they work on as they are happy to do the SVR too. Adding extension of that car’s carbon interior trim plus retrimmed sports seats and contrasting stitching. There is little effort required to improve the SVR’s exhaust, Yet, Overfinch offers an exhaust system with Bluetooth controlled valves.

Overfinch Range Rover


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