Wheels – Car Selling Quick Tips

Make sure your wheels are kept in best possible condition before sale with our TrustedCarBuyers.com car advice centre. Our car selling tips page, which gives detailed advice on not only wheels – but tyres, paintwork, mechanical and electrical problems – will help make sure you sell your car quick and for the most money.

When you submit your car registration number and wheel description through our free instant online valuation service, you can be sure that there will be no major alterations to your expected price.

Knowing the exact condition of your cars wheels will help us to offer exactly what your car is worth – speeding up the sale of your car in the long run.

Kerbed wheels

A common deduction made when surveying your car is for kerbed wheels. This is where a car has ridden over the kerb, scratching the wheel all the way. When valuing your car, a scratch like this has a considerable bearing on your offer.

It is estimated that 70 to 80 per cent of wheel finish damages stem from kerbing. Sometimes it is unavoidable, we understand that. An unexpected manoeuvre to avoid collision may direct you to the kerb, though most of the time wheels suffer from bad parallel parking.

So to keep your wheel rims in fit shape, you should ensure you know how to confidently parallel park.

Marked wheels

Marked wheels are much less severe, often as a result of much lighter kerbing. Perhaps you grazed the side of the kerb when you dipped in to allow room for a HGV or bus on a narrow street.

These marks are near unavoidable if you’ve had the car for a substantial amount of time. Though, making sure you clean your wheels regularly will ensure you at least stay on top of your marks.


Again, corrosion, like marked wheel damage, occurs over time from general wear. It is most typically found in alloy wheels as a result of substances such as stones, grit and road salt. Some jellies and oils can help remove light corrosion.

Trim Damage

Wheel trims can also weaken and shown signs of breakage when they come in for servicing. Whether it’s the inner wheel arch or a rear spoke, this will affect the valuation of your car.

If you’re worried about how this might affect selling your car, replacement hub caps can be ordered in from £20 with TrustedCarBuyers.com.

Wheels: Summary

So, to round up: there are a number of signs to look out for when it comes to wheels. Tell us about your wheel condition when you use our free instant online valuation service, and we will offer you an accurate offer your car.

Just enter your car registration number into the form at the top of the page to get the wheels turning.

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