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Take a look at some of the cars we buy here at Trusted Car Buyers. From Audi to Jaguar, Mercedes to Volkswagen, we'll help you sell your car for more online. To get started, click your manufacturer logo, and you'll be given more information on the cars and the models we buy.

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Audi is one of the big three German luxury carmakers. But, did you know the manufacturer has been majority owned by Volkswagen Group since 1966?

We buy cars like the A3 and A4, right through to more prestige models like the R8 and TT.

To find out how much your car is worth, enter your vehicle registration number above or follow the link to our specialist Audi page.


BMW is another one of the German big three luxury carmakers, and is based in the Bavarian capital of Munich.

The manufacturer owns MINI and is the parent company of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars too.

Whether you own a 3-Series, X5 or M3, we buy cars that have been well-looked after and deserve that little bit more as a reward.


We all know Ford, arguably the biggest car manufacturing brand in the world, founded by Henry Ford in 1903. In terms of sales, Ford is the second-largest and fifth-largest in the US and the world, respectively.

If you own anything from a Ford Fiesta to a Ford Focus, Ka or C-MAX, come get your free valuation now.

If you were in any doubt as to which online car buyer to go with, consider Trusted Car Buyers and get the most for your old vehicle today.



Jaguar is a luxury carmaker founded in 1922, and arguably one of the most prestigious too.

And did you know all their cars are designed and manufactured in the West Midlands? Enough of the history lesson.

We buy cars like the E-Type, F-Type, XF, XJ or XK for an extremely competitive price. Run your reg into the box above to see how much we can offer you.

Land Rover

Land Rover is known the world over for its four-wheel-drive vehicles and is the second-oldest four-wheel-drive brand in the world (after the Jeep).

The brand is actually grouped as part of Jaguar Land Rover, with its headquarters in Whitley, Coventry. Interesting, huh? We buy cars and we love teaching people too.

Anyway, if you own a Land Rover Discovery, Freelander, Defender or Range Rover, you know you can sell your car to us with confidence.


The Mercedes-Benz name is one of the big three German luxury car brands, and is part of the Daimler AG group. And check this.

The Mercedes-Benz slogan is "Das Beste oder Nichts", which directly translates to "The Best of Nothing". We agree. Also, we buy cars of every class, from the A-Class hatchback to the SLK-Class roadster.

Just pop your vehicle reg into the box above and hit value my car for your free no-obligation Mercedes valuation in seconds.



You may not know this, but Renault is one of the oldest vehicle manufactures going, having established themselves in France in 1899.

Renault are the third-biggest European carmaker and have a reliable reputation to boot.

From the Clio to the Megane and Scenic, we buy cars of all shapes and sizes carrying the Renault mark. See how much your car is worth by entering your reg above.


Rolls-Royce is possibly the most prestigious car brands in the world. The quintessentially English vehicle manufacturer, founded in Manchester in 1906, has since expanded its processes into aeronautical-engineering.

As such, Rolls-Royce are some of rarest cars on the road too. And yes, we buys cars like the Phantom and Ghost before you ask.

Though, due to their prestigious nature, we offer bespoke valuations. Click


Toyota is one of the biggest Japanese car brands worldwide. And in 2012, Toyota was the largest car manufacturer in the world by production, with over 200 million rolling out from their factories since 1937.

The number don't lie: Toyota is a strong, global brand, so you'll have no problem at all selling one of their models to us.

From the Auris to Avensis, Corolla to the Yaris, we buys cars at a better price than other online car buyers. Place your reg into the box at the top of the page to see for yourself.



Vauxhall is a British automotive brand, headquartered in Luton, Bedfordshire. Whilst a subsiduary of Opel and the American General Motors (GM) group, Vauxhall, in its own right, has been the second best-selling car brand in the UK for more than 20 years.

So if you've invested in Vauxhall, you know you're with a brand you can trust. We buy cars of all models and types, from the Astra to Corsa, Insignia to Vectra, hatchback to saloon.


Volkswagen is a huge brand - number one in Germany, and number two in the world. So it should come as no surprise that the Golf, Beetle and Passat appear in the world's top ten list of the best-selling cars of all time.

Did you know that Volkswagen translates directly to"people's car" in German. The slogan "Das Auto" means "The Car", showing the VW brand is certainly not short of confidence as one of the biggest carmakers worldwide.

From classics like the Golf, Beetle and Passat to the newer Polo and Scirocco, we buy cars sporting the VW badge and in good knick all day long.


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