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The one question that we get the most here at Trusted Car Buyers is “How much is my car worth?”

It’s understandable why people would ask that however there is no simple answer.

Each car is different therefore it’s hard to determine its worth without having additional information about the vehicle.

How much your car is worth will be affected greatly by the condition that it’s in. If the car is in perfect condition, you can expect to get more for it however if the vehicle is untidy or faulty you will get much less.

The best way to find out how much your vehicle is worth is by booking an appointment with us. Your vehicle will get appraised by one of our experienced car specialists who would be able to determine exactly how much your vehicle is worth.

What’s always important to remember, when is that you have to manage your expectations. It’s better to come in with an open mind rather than get upset because the quote you are given isn’t what you were expecting.

Doing research prior to your appointment is always a good idea. The more prepared you are the better as you will have a better idea of what to expect.


Get the most for your vehicle at Trusted Car Buyers

You can rest assured knowing that at Trusted Car Buyers we offer the most to our customers. We also offer same-day payment meaning we will have the money for your old vehicle in your account the very same day we buy it.

On top of that we have no hidden admin fees. That’s right – you will not be charged extra for anything. Other car buy services charge their customers up to £75 in admin fees therefore selling your vehicle to us could save you a lot.

If you wondering "what's my car worth", get a free valuation on our website by entering your registration number in the box above and clicking on “Value My Car”. You will be asked to provide a few details about the car so it’s very important that you are honest. The more honest you are about the condition of your car the more accurate the final quote will be. Please remember however, that the quote is merely an estimate therefore the amount you actually get for your vehicle could differ from the online quote.

Selling a car has never been easier. If you found yourself wondering what's my car worth, don’t hesitate – contact us today and we’ll do our best to help you.