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How Online Car Buying Services Work?

It’s gotten to the point where you want to sell your car. You’ve looked at dealers, but not happy with the price, perhaps. You might even consider online car buyers, but left asking yourself. How do online car buying services work?

Trusted Car Buyers
is a credible and trusted network of dealers who buy cars from the public online. Here we’ll explain just how the online car buying services work. We understand it is not the conventional way you would sell your car ten years ago or so.

You may have been searching for ‘who will buy my car online.’ and stumbled across some cash for cars and other online car buying websites.


How to sell car online?

Selling your car online has never been easier. The process of getting an online evaluation takes under 60 seconds. Just type your registration in the box at the top of this page. The click ‘Value My Car.’ Then type in a few extra details and get a free evaluation tailored to your car.We are one of many car buying services online. To sell your car online is becoming a much more popular way of moving on your vehicle. The simple way to find online car buyers is searching for ‘sell my car online’ or ‘sell car online.’ There is a small guide at the bottom of this page which explains the whole selling your car online process for you.

Will you buy my car for cash?

Trusted Car Buyers is the real deal. We will buy any car that is roadworthy. The process is simple, there is no need to sit around wondering ‘who wants to buy my car?’ and ‘where can I sell my car quick?’ We are here to help. We buy used cars with outstanding finance, without road tax or without an MOT. We will always give you the best value for your car, so don’t waste your time and money on part exchanging when you can get a better deal with us.

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Here is a short guide on how to sell your car online.

  • Enter your vehicle's registration in the box at the top of our page. Then press ‘Value my car.’
  • A free online valuation will be automatically generated on our site, or an e-mail from one of the Trusted Car Buyers team will follow within seconds.
  • Provided you're happy or at least interested in the cash offer for your car, you are then asked to book an appointment to have it inspected.
  • You will then take your car to the local branch you booked in at. Remember to bring along your car's registration documents, MOT certificates, log book and any other relevant paperwork
  • Upon arrival, a certified vehicle specialist will inspect the condition of your car running it by the details you gave online to help speed up the process. A test drive will typically follow, during which you can ask any questions about how your car is valued.
  •  After all the checks are made, and we are satisfied the car is working, and as described on the web, a final offer will be made. Deductions may be made if the car is markedly different to how it was described online (since no system is perfect).
  • Critically, no admin fees are deducted from the final offer for your car. We calculate your quote based on the amount of tax you give online
  • The money will be in your account in 3 working days once you sell your car. We will happily help you to arrange a local taxi service to come and collect you if you need one, although we recommend bringing a family member or friend along to give you a ride home.