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Why should I sell my car to you?

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  • Fast, safe & secure
  • No admin fees
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  • Diesel Cars Are Reqiured Urgently

Can I Sell My Diesel Car To Trusted Car Buyers?

Yes! At Trusted Car Buyers Diesel cars are urgently required because we understand that there is a big market for it in the UK. In addition, diesel cars still burn less fuel when compared to their petrol car counterparts and because the road tax for diesel cars is mostly cheaper, most car buyers prefer to buy them. And as a matter of fact, the dealers in our network prefer to buy diesel cars same day and pay same day without delay because they are easy to resell.

We can statistically say that over the past years we have bought more diesel cars than petrol cars because, for the reasons mentioned above, we prefer them to their counterparts. However we understand that the process of selling any car can be daunting and sometimes frustrating.


Why Sell To Us

We have created one of the best car selling platforms for anyone asking where I could sell my diesel car fast without hassle. Unlike many of our competitors, we do not charge any admin fees; we pay same day without and extra charge for the fast payment and our trained customer service team would call you to discuss how to get you the best price for your car before you head to one of our dealers to sell the car to us or before we come to collect the car from you.

It’s always in our interested to pay more for cars we buy because the more we can pay for a car the more margins we will make from it. This is because we remarket the cars we buy to our dealers so the more we sell the cars to them the more buyers’ fee the dealers would pay us. So do not hesitate to sell your car to us now or at any point when you are planning to do so.


How To Sell...

Put your car registration number through our free car valuation system and proceed to fill in the necessary forms to get a guide price for your car. If you are happy with the price our system offers you, you could proceed to book an appointment to sell your car to us. If you do not book any appointment, one of our sales guys from our sales team will give you a call to discuss the guide price we offered you with the goal of offering you the best price possible. Following that, if you like the final price we offer, you will be invited to sell your diesel car to us.