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Learn more about how we buy cars and how online car buyers could save you money versus part-ex. Once satisfied, enter your vehicle reg into the box on the left to find out how much your car is worth.


A road trip in a Volkswagen Campervan after buying your first carSo you’ve come to the conclusion: ‘I’d like to sell my car’, but you’re wondering what happens after we buy cars like yours?

There is a shared bond between a person and a car. First road trip. First commute. Football matches. Sing-songs. It's hard not to get at least a little sentimental, so we understand that you want peace of mind that: one, you're getting the best deal for your vehicle; and two, we can give your old wheels and good new home.

At Trusted Car Buyers, we pride ourselves on transparency. We want your mind to feel at ease knowing that we buy cars of a wide range of makes and models, mileages and conditions -- and are well looked after.

After reading up on how car buyers work, you’ll see that the process is pretty straight-forward. After entering your vehicle registration number in the box shown above, you enter a few details about your car and book an appointment at your nearest Trusted Car Buyers branch.

You’ll bring your vehicle documentation (V5C) and we’ll inspect and value your car. Once a price is agreed, the cash for your car is transferred as soon as the very same day – provided the sale is before 5pm that day.

Okay, so now you know in a nutshell how we buy cars, we’ll move on to what we do with the cars when we buy them.


We buy cars for our dealers' forecourts

We buy cars like these Toyota lined up at a Trusted Car Buyers forecourt in south LondonEach and every Trusted Car Buyers branch runs a local used car dealership. In fact, it is a pre-requisite for all our dealers to own retail premises and possess a solid five years in the motor business.

Once you’ve sold your car to your local Trusted Car Buyers branch, your motor is then put up for retail on display at the local dealer showroom, approved by us. So, you can rest assured your car is going to a trusted and reputable source.

Selling your car online in this way cuts out the middle-man, as most used car dealerships buy cars from auction houses like Mannheim and BCA, before selling on their own forecourts.

Since you are selling your car directly to a dealership for immediate retail, it ensures you are getting the best price for your car online.

To get your free online car valuation, enter your vehicle reg into the box shown at the top of the page.