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Selling your car has never been so easier. With Tusted Car Buyers, you can easily sell your Cadillac at a fair price. Gone are the days when people had to give away their precious rides in the price of scrap. It’s a great platform to sell your car for a handsome amount. The procedure to sell your Cadillac is very simple. Just enter your Cadillac’s registration number and click the value my car button. This simple step will bring you closer to selling your Cadillac in cash. However, if someone offers a better price for your car, let us know, and we'll try to beat it.

We buy any Cadillac model

You just have to follow the step-by-step instructions given on the website and submit the mileage, year, and model of your Cadillac. We buy every Cadillac model. So if you have a BLS, STS, or an Esclade, you are just a single click away in selling your car. 

About Cadillac cars

Cadillac was founded way back in 1902 by Henry M. Leland, Lemuel Browen, and William Murphy. The car company has an interesting history. It was originally formed by the remnants of Ford Motor Company, but a dispute with the investors forced it to shut down. William Murphy and Lemuel Bowen, being the financial bankers of Ford, were ordered to carry out the procedure of liquidation of company's assets.

However, they decided that it's useless to let go of company and started to produce single cylinder engines. Thus a new company was formed named the Cadillac Automobile Company. Cadillac is now more than 100 years old and gave award-winning concepts for sedans, passenger cars, and high-performance vehicles. It also holds the title of introducing the fastest sedan with a world record time of 7:59:32 on the legendary Nurburgring in Germany.