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Just sold my car at the Prudhoe Branch Daniel was very helpful and prompt service
money in the bank no issues
Good price service as expected , thanks Daniel


excellent service very polite warm welcome nice cup of tea poring with rain


The communication was good they were very professional and apart from a couple of minor points they found on the car which caused some discussion it was all carried out efficiently and with courtesy. The money was paid into my account within hours.


Excellent customer service from local dealer and head office.

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TrustedCarBuyers.com: The trusted place to sell your car online

Welcome to trustedcarbuyers.com - the UK's fastest growing car buying service. We will always offer you the best possible price for your car. All our centres operating nationwide play by the same rules: a friendly service, a favourable price and the flexibility to sell your car for cash and fast.

Why our competitors will pay you less for your car

Nearly all online car buyers want to buy your car at a price which means they can achieve a profit at auction. This means competitors need to buy the car at a price which is low enough to take into consideration the following:

  1. A trade profit - this means to sell it on to another dealer, not another happy motorist
  2. Transport to the auction
  3. Auction entry fees and commissions

What makes us different to the rest?

We will buy your car for our forecourts, meaning we can offer you more money for your motor than any other online car buying service, guaranteeing you:

  1. Free CHAPS payments (other online car buyers charge up to £35)
  2. No Admin Fees (other online car buyers charge up to £75)
  3. A certified appraisal process