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Could do with a confirmation email about the appointment date and time.


The good news is that I found the people I dealt with friendly and helpful. However, having not done this before I was also a little confused as what happened didn't seem to be what I'd read on the website.
I took my car for assessment. The man called you and then told me I'd get a call from you. I assumed it would within a few minutes, but nothing happened. Eventually, I told the man I'd go home to await the call - which he agreed with -I then got it while driving. I was told that not enough info had been taken and that I needed to go back to the garage. Another appointment was made.
The man there was very unhappy with you and, quite remarkably, was extremely vociferous about your inefficiency and that it was hardly worth it for him etc. However, it was all sorted, apart from a glitch where I couldn't get a 'phone signal to electronically sign. I misunderstood this process as I thought I literally had to give my signature - and only later saw the on screen acceptance button (my poor eyesight and small 'phone screen didn't help).
Finally, I got an email that. briefly, confused me more due to a lack of punctuation. It read 'Everyone has signed Please sign this document' - and for a few moments thought I had something else to sign. I think it should be amended with the word 'completed' in it.
I later got an apologetical call about the episode in the garage - which was good.
In summary: I would use you again, but customer communication needs tightening up.


Very very good


Couldn't fault them,everyone involved was very helpful & friendly,gave me a good price on my car,funds were in my account within an hour.
Would recomend the company

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Welcome to trustedcarbuyers.com - the UK's fastest growing car buying service. We will always offer you the best possible price for your car. All our centres operating nationwide play by the same rules: a friendly service, a favourable price and the flexibility to sell your car for cash and fast.

Why our competitors will pay you less for your car

Nearly all online car buyers want to buy your car at a price which means they can achieve a profit at auction. This means competitors need to buy the car at a price which is low enough to take into consideration the following:

  1. A trade profit - this means to sell it on to another dealer, not another happy motorist
  2. Transport to the auction
  3. Auction entry fees and commissions

What makes us different to the rest?

We will buy your car for our forecourts, meaning we can offer you more money for your motor than any other online car buying service, guaranteeing you:

  1. Same-day payment (other online car buyers charge up to £35 for next-day)
  2. No admin fees (other online car buyers charge up to £75)
  3. A certified appraisal process